Stéphane SEVA

Stéphane SEVA
Stephane SEVA

Welcome to the website of French jazz singer and washboard player Stéphane Séva.

The young crooner has recently been delighting audiences with his new project To Frank and Ray, a tribute to Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra. Accompanied by top class musicians, the mini-big band octet adds a touch of French panache without straying far from originals.

Meanwhile, Stéphane has also been keeping his thimbles dancing as part of the famous Paris Washboard group, which has been offering traditional French jazz to the world for more than 20 years now.

 He also has his own trad jazz quintet Swing Ondulé and has taken the washboard on a series of musical encounters with inspirational artists from across the spectrum, including traditional Benin music and electro-tribal sounds (accompanying the didgeridoo!).