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New Album “To Frank and Ray”

Album To Frank and Ray

To Frank and Ray pays tribute to the inimitable masters of soul, jazz and rhythm & blues, served up with a unique blend of elegance and joie de vivre !

A well-known face on the traditional Paris jazz circuit, Stéphane Séva’s latest musical journey leaves New Orleans for the bright lights of New York and Las Vegas.

Accompanied by an impressive line-up of French jazz musicians, the young crooner adds a refreshing touch of charm and charisma to the classic songs of The Voice and The Genius without straying too far from the originals.

To Frank and Ray starts out with hits from Sinatra’s repertoire (Summer Wind, Witchcraft, Come Fly with Me...), and eases into the smooth energy of Ray Charles (I’ve Got a Woman, Georgia). Stéphane Séva and Associates offer us a humble tribute to the greats played with sophistication and sheer delight.

Souscrire le CD

About the recording...

Initially, the aim of the project was simply to revisit the songs of Frank Sinatra and Ray Charles without changing their underlying musical structure. Seven musicians would accompany an old-style crooner interpreting the standards just as they were intended to be played.

So why choose to record the album at a live performance ?

The eight members of the band are primarily concert performers (see individual bios further down), so it did not make sense to lock them up in a recording studio when a live show would better capture their unique sound. Thanks to modern technology, live recordings of excellent quality can now be achieved and ensure an authentic experience, particularly with jazz music. To Frank and Ray is the result of several days’ work and arrangements made in harmony with the venue.

And the choice of venue was easy...Stéphane Séva’s father is none other than Bernard Séva, another well-known jazzman and owner of the Chien Assis dancehall to the west of Paris !

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Les titres de l’album

01   You Make Me Feel So Young 08   Hallelujah, I Just Love Her So
02   More 09   I Got A Woman
03   Witchcraft 10   Georgia On My Mind
04   Busted 11   I’ve Got You Under My Skin
05   Unchain My Heart 12   The Lady Is A Tramp
06   Come Rain Or Come Shine 13   Dear Francine
07   Come Fly With Me

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Ahmet GÜLBAY Jazz pianist and composer of the score for Jean Becker’s latest film “Dialogue avec mon jardinier” (June 2007), Ahmet was born in the Turkish city of Izmir in 1964. However, France has been his home since the age of two. While living in Paris in 1991, he took his first steps in the profession at the “Les Trois Maillets” jazz club, accompanied by various artists from the French jazz scene such as François Laudet, Stéphane Guerault, Fabrice Eulry (piano duo), Jean-Loup Longnon, Marc Fosset, Marcel Zanini, Patrice Caratini, and Pierre Boussaguet.

He has also accompanied a long line of illustrious jazz singers such as Sarah Lazarus, Anne Ducros and Gilda Solves. Ahmet regularly performs in Paris jazz clubs (Le Bilboquet, Petit Journal, Caveau de la Huchette) and at festivals such as Marciac, Monségur, the Kusadasi Jazz Festival in Turkey, as well as in the Netherlands, Morocco, etc. He has been the preferred accompanist of well-known crooner Dany Brillant on a number of television appearances.

FREDERIC COUDERC - Tenor and baritone sax

Frédéric COUDERC Frédéric was born in Arcachon in 1970. After studying music in La teste-de-Buch, he enrolled at the Bordeaux regional conservatory (CNR) before joining François Jannuea’s jazz class at the Paris conservatory (CNSMDP). Fred is something of a wind specialist, having mastered the full range of saxophones (sopranino, soprano in C, soprano, mezzo-soprano in F, alto, C-melody, tenor, baritone and bass sax), not to mention the flute (piccolo, soprano, alto and bass) and clarinet (Sib and bass). He also plays the taragot.

Frédéric’s sax collection features some rare instruments which are in pristine condition (soprano in C and, the real gem in the crown, a mezzo-soprano in F). He can also claim to play the only instrument of its kind in the world since his Coudophone (straight C-melody) was especially made for him by R.V. Martin. A disciple of Roland Kirk, Frédéric draws inspiration from the legendary multi-instrumentalist when playing in his quartet. In fact, Frédéric can play two or even three saxophones at the same time (saxello, tenor and alto)!

Frédéric has played with: Ray Charles (no less!), Wynton Marsalis, John Lewis, Kenny Wheeler, Tania Maria, Claude Nougaro, Gary Smulyan, MalWaldron, Michel Legrand, Dee Dee Bridgewater, the ONJ (national jazz orchestra), the POM, Dede Ceccarelli, Mark Turner, Natalie Cole, Gerard Badini, the Paris Swing Orchestra, Le Sacre du tympan, the Christian Escoudé Big Band, Georges Cables, Herlin Riley, Marcia Maria, the François Laudet Big Band, the French National Radio Orchestra and Richard Galliano.

Discography :

MICHAËL CHERET - Alto sax and flute

Michaël CHERET Born in France in 1974, Michaël Chéret studied music with Ronald Alphonse for four years until the age of 20. He passed the entrance exam to the Paris conservatory (CNSM) two years later, joining the jazz class taught by François Jeanneau. Michaël went on to study with a host of big names: Adam Nussbaum, Richie Beirach, Johnny Griffin, Denis Chambers, Daniel Humair, Hervé Sellin (who taught him the piano), Riccardo Del Fra and Kenny Wheeler, who had a major influence on his approach to composition. Now firmly established as one of the most respected sax players on the Paris scene, Michaël also plays soprano, writes his own compositions and continues to teach.

Michaël currently fronts a quintet whose repertoire is strongly influenced by Cannonball Adderley, lying somewhere between Blues and Hard Bop. His cutting-edge take on contemporary jazz at the 2001 Marciac festival was warmly applauded by Wynton Marsalis in person! (Album: SERIOUS THINGS/Cristal Records/2005). He is Lead Alto in Christophe Violland’s 12-member funk band “Tentet au carré” and occasionally plays with Captain Mercier (Grenoble festival, Cithéa, Fnac stores in Paris, Jazz in Toulon 2003, Epinal, La Casa/Guadeloupe, etc.), the Antoine-Hervé Big Band (Pertuis 2003), OMETIS (gospel group), the Franck Lacy Big Band, Marc Leconte’s Big Band, and the Violland Scarabés quintet, amongst others, while also finding time to contribute to courses at the CMDL (Didier Lockwood’s music centre).


David GREBIL Born in Toulouse in 1972, David Grébil started drumming when he was eleven. Within five years, he had developed a real passion for jazz and began playing in a quartet in the Gers region. In 1991, David began studying at the CIM jazz school in Paris with Georges Paczynski which is where he met Patrick Boquel, Gilles Barikosky, Sonia Cat-Berro, and Emi Oshima with whom he was to perform his first concerts in the French capital. He went on to play in jam sessions alongside Michel Grailler, Jacky Terrasson, Emmanuel Bex, Stefano Di Battista, and Alain Jean-Marie.

David has worked as a sideman in groups fronted by Jérôme Barde, Alain Jean-Marie, David El-Malek, Sophie Alour, Sarah Lazarus, Olivier Bogé, Manuel Marchès, Patrick Cabon, Pierre Boussaguet, Stéphane Belmondo, Alex Jacquemin, Mark Thomas, Sarah Lenka, Pierrick Pedron, Franck Amsallem, and Xavier Richardeau. He is a regular performer at jazz festivals as well as on the Paris club scene. David has featured on albums by the Emi Oshima quartet in 1997, Sophie Alour (Insulaire - Nocturne) and Alexandre Saada (Be where you are - Alprod) in 2005, Frédéric Couderc (Live at the Duc des Lombards) in 2006, and Guillaume Naud (My name is Naud) in 2007. David’s current quartet features Hugo Lippi (gtr), Damon Brown (trumpet, bugle) and Manuel Marchès (bass).


Cédric CAILLAUD Born in La Rochelle in 1976, Cédric Caillaud was a latecomer to music. He took his first musical steps finding his own way around the bass guitar before switching to double bass at the age of twenty. Cédric moved to Paris in October 2000 and enrolled at the IACP school where he studied alongside the Belmondo brothers and was taught double bass by Clovis Nicolas. He was also given private double bass lessons by Pierre Boussaguet. Cédric went on to take a number of lessons with Daniel Marillier (the renowned Paris Opera House soloist) as an auditeur libre. In New York, he took private lessons with Joe Martin, Barach Mori, and Neal Miner. Cédric also attended master classes given by pianists Richie Beirach and Kenny Barron, and the trumpeter, Tom Harrell.

Cédric has worked as a professional musician since 1998 and has performed at a wide variety of musical and theatrical events. Although a jazz specialist, he boasts an extensive repertoire (pop, soul, funk). Cédric has participated in numerous concerts and tours in France such as the Marciac Festival, Vienne Festival, Calvi Jazz Festival, JVC Jazz Festival, Jazz entre les deux Tours, St Germain des Prés Jazz Festival, Enghien Jazz Festival. He is a regular performer at leading Paris jazz clubs such as the New Morning, Duc des Lombards, Sunset, Sunside, Le Petit Opportun, Le Bilboquet, Le Franc Pinot, Jazz Club Chez Papa. Cédric often plays abroad (Spain, Switzerland, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy, Cap Vert, Mauritania, Senegal). and took part in the French Cultural Centre tour. He has covered the full spectrum from duo to big band: Bobby Durham, Harry Allen, Charles “Lolo” Bellonzi, Philippe Soirat, Doug Sides, François Laudet, Jean Pierre Arnaud, Alain Jean Marie, Gérard Badini Mike “Spike” Wilner, Pierre de Betman, Yataka Shiina, Pierre Christophe, Olivier Hutman, Giovani Mirabassi, Ahmet Gulbay, Ludovic De Preissac, Vincent Bourgeyx, Jerry Edwards, Marc Thomas, Larry Browne, Laurence Allisson, Pierre Boussaguet, Lionel Belmondo, Stéphane Belmondo, Jean Loup Longnon, Fabien Mary, Barend Middelhoff, Pierrick Pedron, Xavier Richardeau, Christian Escoudé, Florin Nicolescou, Costel Nitescu, Pierre Blanchard, Boulou and Elios Ferré, Jérôme Barde, Yves Brouqui, and Thomas Dutronc.

Discography :


Michaël JOUSSEIN Michaël was born in the Morrocan city of Casablanca in 1974. He has been working as a professional musician since 1994: trombonist for the Wynton Marsalis Big Band at the Marciac Jazz Festival (2004), trombonist for Jerôme Savary’s “Looking for Chano” show at the Teatro America in Havana and the Paris Comic Opera (2002-2003), in the musical comedy “Zazou” directed by Jerôme Savary at the Comic Opera and the Folies Bèrgères (2003-2004), in Bob Fosse’s production of “Chicago” at the Casino de Paris (2004), in Jerôme Savary’s “La revue nègre” with musicians from New Orleans (2006), lead trombone for Gérard Badini’s orchestra, the Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos (Portugal), and Jean Loup Longnon’s big band, as well as the Franco-German big band led by Albert Mangelsdorff. Michaël has also played with Lee Konitz (album and 2006 tour), Dick Oats, Jerry Bergonzi, Christian Escoudé, the Belmondo brothers, Fabrice Eulry, Clare Fischer, John Riley, Herlin Riley, Mark Turner, Richie Perry, Chris Cheek, Azuquita, Africando, Alfredo Cutufla, Henri Guedon, Diego Pelaez, Tumbao y Trumbon, Mambomania, as well as Anga Diaz, Tata Guines, Changito, Alfredo Rodrigez, Felipe Cabrera, Allen Hoist, Julio Padron and Aramis Galindo (“Looking for Chano” Havana/Paris 2002-2003). He is currently on tour with Sanseverino.

Discography :


Brice MOSCARDINI Born in Senegal in 1982, Bruce began studying music at the Point-à-Pitre conservatory in Guadeloupe at the tender age of seven. After studying classical music at the Paris conservatory (CNSMDP) followed by a spell at the city’s regional conservatory (CNR), he discovered the joys of funky brass at the age of 16 with the Tarace Boulba band. He then enrolled at the department of jazz and improvisation at the CNSMDP in Paris. During this period, Brice continued to perform with a variety of musicians and groups: Mabreuch, S. Mos Sextet, Les Chevals, Pause (formerly M’PANADA), the Orchestre Divertimento (classical/tour in 2005/Yugoria Festival in Russia), Yukue Shirezu (Japanese rock ska), Les Fils de Teuhpu, Magnus Mehl (live in Bilbao album 2006), Shewba K, Noukash Orchestra, the Gérard Badini Big Band, Monsieur Lune, Ludovic de Preissac, and the European Youth Jazz Orchestra (2007 tour).

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